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I'm feeling a bit duped here. Bought what seems to be a 22LR nice rifle to get some affordable range time while we wait out the ammo shortages. BUT didn't know that S&W (or anyone aftermarket) stopped making magazines for it.\
I know that the costs of the ammo metals are up and scarce. But, the M&P 15-22 magazines are very low-tech, super simple molded plastic. What is the hold up? I'm starting to wish I bought a Ruger or HK 22LR instead. Ruger 22LR mags are available everywhere.
Anyway, holding out a little longer before switching to another 22LR rifle with available magazines. Very disappointed in S&W. Please share any news about this if you have it.
Thanks & Safe Shooting. - T
I wish I could find the MP 15-22 10 Rd Magazines. They are impossible to find as well. I called S&W and they cant even give you a timeline of when they will be receiving them. They just said to check back in a few weeks. WTF?
1 - 3 of 102 Posts
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