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Coated to look stainless, ported, trigger job
Upper right revolver 1969. Lower left 1980. Both guns near 100% condition and wear original wooden grips.
I have a beautiful revolver I purchased. I have boiled it down to post ww2 Smith&Wesson 38 short im trying to find out more information any help would be greatly Appreciated!
Nickel 10-7 Snub
Model 19-4 S&W 357 magnum
The model 15's SS cousin, an excellent shooter and one of my favorites to take to the range.
Found this little gem at a local gun store hiding amongst over a dozen, various brand SA revolvers. Was a great deal., too good to pass up. :)
N Frame. 6 shot. SA/DA. Here are a few pics...:cool: The target below is from the 6/7/20 range trip, using my 625-8, while backing up slowly..25 to 30ft. Great revolver and would recommend to anybody.
Swivel install on a 1942 BSR
Model 10's from Model 10 through Model 10-10