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M&P 45 ACP

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I just picked up a used M&P 45 ACP. Looking for more information, I know it is not a MOD 2 so I am thinking it is the predecessor to the Mod 2. It came with 3 mags, double stack and 4 inch barrel as I measured and has an ambidextrous thumb safety and the mag release can be comforted to left also. It also appears that is only 8 rounds as marked on the mags. I know it is not M2 as the slide is not stamped M2 and the grip texture is different for the M2 as posted on the S&W web site. I may have jumped a little quick not realizing that it was not a M2. Hope that was not a mistake. Any information is greatly appreacated.
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That does look like it but hard to tell from only the one photo where could I find the model number on the pistol?
Thank everyone that has comment and it isa M&P 45C Compact and after about 150 rounds I think I like it better that my XD-S MOD2 45 OSP. Now if I can just find the parts to delete the thumb safety it would be great. The holster I want Seanky Pete won't work with the thumb safety. My thoughts are based on all the videos I have seen on deleting the safety I can cut off one side (Right, left hand shooter) and it may fir in the Sneaky Pete. How much bigger in size is the 45C as opposed to the 40C?
Got the parts to delete the thumb safety and night sites now just need to find a IWB Holster.
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