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Yoke Alignment ?

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When I sent my 620 back for some waranty work they said that they re-aligned the yoke. How does it get out of alignment? I asked if it was anything I did and they said no. The rod was also straightned.
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By whipping it open and closed will bend it. But remember the gun is fitted and that means they adjust certain parts for optimum performance. Sounds like you had problems with the timing or hard to open or close so they corrected it. ;)
500 Magnum Nut
Thanks for yet another enlightening post.
We members are fortunate to have you, and your expertise that's so generously shared.
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Yup 500 rules!! ncOoaao
Thanks for the reply. I know it has never been whipped. It was more a problem with the thumb latch locking and coming unlocked after a few rounds. All I know now is that it is working perfectly. The Master Action job they did to it was well worth the money spent. !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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