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If my understanding is correct, this is the lightest revolver S&W ever made weighing only 10.5 ounces. It is a superb carry gun.

This one (being a PD) is black, and is made of titanium and scandium. I believe it has fewer than 25 rounds through it. I disabled the dreaded internal lock by removing the "tang" off of the flag. The flag and key barrel remain in the gun so there are no ugly gaps or holes. I filled the key hole permanently so there can be no confusion about using a key and thinking the gun is locked.

It has been carried a bit and shows a little wear. Not much. It comes with a nice brown Don Hume number 3 belt holster in which it fits very well.

I'm fishing for an interesting trade. Handgun, long gun, ammo, AR optics, or just about any other interesting thing.

Edited to add: comes with box and papers and one speed loader.
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