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WTS/WTT 625 goodies

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Had a 4" 625. Its a wonderful gun, but we never really bonded...

So, now I have these accessories and they need a new home.

They are:

1 "remooner' tool to load moonclips - this makes the whole process a LOT easier. Comes with 20 moon clips and a cartridge removal tool.

1 moon clip caddy (I -think- that's what it's called). It's a spring fed gizmo that goes on your belt (perfect for IDPA etc). It's sort of a magazine for magazines.

Several other belt attachments for clips and a moon clip checker...


A 4" Comp Tac OWB holster.

200 shipped.


Trade for....?
A cool knife? (I like Spyderco and Cold Steel...) P365 mags? What do you have?
Grey Hardwood
Stationery Silver Shadow
Watch Plastic Watch accessory Still life photography Square
Chemical compound Circle Plastic Toy Shadow
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Plywood Folk instrument
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Hey 4,

Welcome to S&W!

Fine gizmos.

If you still have them next week...I'll take them.

(had some/bunch unexpected expenses the last couple months)

Later, Mark
You just posted his name and address on the internet....

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OMFG you're right!!!

I am so sorry. Can I delete my post?

Thank you! I got mixed up between an email and... you get it.
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