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I just picked up another large collection of gun books from the Estate or a fellow member. Over 200 MORE books. This is not my business, it is just a hobby and love of these old books that are getting very difficult to find. I saddens me to see these great books go to waste or risk being improperly stored that subsequently get ruined by mildew, water and / or insect that I felt it my duty to protect as many as possible for future genreations that (in this interent technology and digital scans) will one day ask "What is a book". Some are so unique, lesser seen, scarce, some out of print for over 50 to 100 years.

Yes, I'm a book-a-holic, that has way more books than I could ever need, many in triplicates.

Most of the new batch i recently acquired, I already have in my own collection. Some such as in depth works on Colt, S&W, US & Confederate firearms, edged weapons and accouterments, Walthers, Lugers, German / Nazi weapons, Japanese and Nambu, Beretta, Italian engraved guns by the Italian masters. Best Guns, High Standard, Savage, Browning, H&R, Merwin Hulbert, Reising, Smith & Wesson books and so, so, many more.

S&W books (many, many S&W books) Some signed by authors. For example, at least 6 copies of Neal and Jinks in both the 1966 and 1975 print dates, one of them in German. I have only one copy signed by both authors which is scarce as Robert Neal hardly ever signed. Also, a few copies of the 1996 reprint of Neal & Jinks by R&R books. Then S&W by Rywell, Mc Henry and Roper (all original prints), other Walter Roper publications and hand written, signed letters by Walter Roper, D.B. Wesson and others Himmelwright books, many Colt books, a true collectors item "Firearms Identification" (forensic firearms ID books by Mathews ... now i have 3 sets of these), US Military firearms by Scott Meadows, Confederate firearms (several different authors, Confederate edged weapons, Civil war accouterments both US & Confederate, Powder Horns / powder flashs (several books) Firearms Curiosa, Standard Catalog of S&W, Volumes 1,2, and 3, Almost any Blue Book of Gun Values from 1995 to date, some of which were Presentation Hard Covers to me, from author, U.S. Military guns by Charles Pate, books on Sharps, Remington, Derringers, at least 30 different books on high end European and British shotguns including Boss (the most expensive shotgun in the world), ... just email me to ask.

All going at reasonable prices, some very rare issues here. I have a personal Firearms Library (for forensic ID and appraisals) of over 1000 books, many in duplicates and triplicates.

Buy a few books and I'll add more to the box with assorted other printed matter such as old Gun Digests etc at no extra cost (for as long as the extras last).

I am a relaoder of specialized target ammo. I am a fan of Phllip Sharpe. His books on reloading are as true and accurate as the day they were first printed. A treasure for us guys who love to target our older revolvers and rifles. I have every version and revision of his Handloading books in triplicates, at least, some signed AND I own "the only" version of his original magazine collection of articles written years before the book, known to exist. The only other is in the Library of Congress. All other leads found in internet searches for libraries that claim to have a copy are erroneous. The print I have was the 2nd copy that had on file with the Library of Congress since 1936. After a certain number of years, the Library of Congress disposes of the 2nd copies to retain only 1. I purchased that from a bookseller in Washington D.C. about 10 years ago who buys many of the Library of Congress discarded 2nd file copies.

See: WorldCat User Reviews (1)

Original Publication
by RSR (WorldCat user published 2014-07-13) Excellent Permalink
A collection of articles, previously published by Phillip Burdette Sharpe, collected in one formal, dedicated, publication. Original paperback in magazine style. Price (on cover), $1.00. Very few copies of this original publication are known to exist. One copy resides in the Library of Congress. Originally two copies were submitted to the Library of Congress. Periodically the Library of Congress sells off copies of outdated duplicate prints. The duplicate copy from the Library of Congress now in private collection since 2007. No other searches for physical copies of this publication proved factual. A much larger and expanded work of Phillip Burdette Sharpe was published in 1937, and reprinted / revised and supplemented multiple times into the 1950s, as a hardcover book as the "Complete Guide to Handloading", however the original issue of "This Handloading Game" of 1936 is extremely scarce and highly collectable.

There is so much ... I suggest if there is something you've been looking for ans cannot find, or know what you want at a fair price, contact me via email with teh word "BOOKS" in the subject bar of your email. For the books (not to stuff my regular email box) write to me a [email protected]. For anything else use my listed email address that is linked to this forum.

Sal Raimondi, Sr. S&WCA Life Member #1300, S&W Historical Foundation #425, Life Member NRA, Member in good standing of CADA (26 year tenure), Member of Colt Collectors (only 3 years), Contributing Editor to the Blue Book of Gun Values since 1996 (S&W and various other Rollin White patent infringement guns, US. & Confederate firearms, some High Grade Shotguns and vintage long arms, Licensed by the Florida State Department of Professional Regulation as Auction House Owner, Lic# AB2645.

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Please let me know which Luger and German handgun books you have available, and their prices. Thanks, Marc

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NOTE: The management and administrators acknowledge the rules of not posting comments in the classifieds ads.
But, due to the value of having these reference books available to everybody we believe in this one excepted case we will allow posts in this thread for members to ask the OP about books he may have available to us.
This must remain 100% on topic, asking the OP what's available, and not become a discussion thread.

This is a most interesting Classified ad I've seen in a very long time.

We would like to allow questions from members to Sal on the books he has available to be posted within the thread.
This is the first time we feel an exception may be a good idea, that way it's easy for everybody to see what's available, as replies are given.

He has such a wide variety available it will be easy to ask here what he has available, within their range of these reference books.
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