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For Smith & Wesson New Model 3s, factory cut for shoulder / extension stock.

#1 > I have one "as new / near new' bright wood nickel finish. NO BOX. $2450.00.

#2 > almost as nice the one above but with a few light taps / dings on the sides of the wood and a light chafe & buff at the lower crescent of the butt plate area $2200

#3 > I have another NEW IN BOX . New from Factory Old Stock. Nickel. STONE COLD NEW, in the Original S&W box. Bottom of label on box is a chipped from the bottom (from age / dryness of paper) up about 1/4". Box itself is excellent. $3250.00

#4 > BOX ONLY for a 44 Extension Stock in BLUE. Box is in excellent 95%+ condition. End label intact. $700.00

Email: [email protected]
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