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Greetings all. In cleaning out the gunsafe, I've come across a few items which are obsolete to me.

SPF#1- Galco SOB 122 Holster, tan . Fits a S&W J frame or similar size. Excellent condition. $30.00 plus USPS shipping.

SPF#2- 1 Pr. of S&W N frame, square butt Combat Grips. These are in good to excellent condition. They are wood, and possibly rosewood. $45.00 plus USPS shipping.

#3- 1 Pr of HKS model 25-5 Speedloaders. Excellent condition. $20.00 shipped USPS.

#4- 1 Pr. of HKS model 27-A Speedloaders. Excellent condition. $20.00 shipped USPS.

I have photos available, which I will gladly e-mail. I accept Postal MO, or Paypal +3%.


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i dont have a photo bucked account for the pics, but, I will gladly send to an e-mail.

according to the HKS website, the 27-A sleedloaders fit the S&W model 27 and 28 and the Ruger .357 Redhawk.

The model 25-5 loaders fit the S&W model 25-5 .45 LC, and a Taurus .45 Raging Bull.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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