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I have the following for sale. Postage is not included, but I will ship the least expensive way.
If you buy multiple items I will work with you on postage costs.
Many parts are lightly used, but all are in very good or better condition.

AR parts available, and value.
1 complete DPMS AR-15 trigger group. $40.00 Never shot, swapped out when I got the rifle.
1 complete Stage Arms AR-15 trigger group. $50.00 Never shot, swapped out when I got the rifle.

3 Standard Charging handles $10.00 each All lightly used.
1 Standard Charging handle, painted camo on the handle end. $5.00 Used.
1 Vltor BCM Gunfighter Enhanced Charging handle $20.00 Used in Good+ condition.
3 Standard AR 15 commercial buttstocks $20.00 each. [1 is DPMS], [1 is Stag Arms] [1 unknown brand]
1 Magpul Black MOE buttstock $30.00 Used, excellent condition.
1 Complete AR-15 2 piece A2 military style 7” forearm. $40.00 Includes the Delta ring, and front mounting plate. Includes a .75” 3 slot Picatinny rail Gas Block (has some hammer marks on the back side, from where I had to hammer it out to get the other low profile gas block on my rifle. Never shot. Removed when I got the rifle and swapped out.
2 Stock weight AR-15 rifle buffers, used, but in excellent condition $5.00 each
2 Stock AR-15 upper receiver dust covers $2.50 each
5 AR-15 standard mag release levers. $2.50 each No springs, no left side buttons.
1 Standard AR-15 Bolt release lever. $2.50
4 Standard safety selector switch
1 Safety Selector switch selector that's camo painted. $5.00 each
2 Standard AR-15 5.56 Flash hiders. $10.00 each

1 Standard AR-10 .308 Flash hider. $10.00
1 FieldSport Model HG-1050-DH-12 Keymod Handguard. Length is 12", includes 2-3" , and 1-4" bolt on picatinny rails, and mounting hardware. It fits 308 DPMS pattern rifles with the high profile rail height. It's like new. My LR-308 has low profile rails, so it didn't match up to it. It was never mounted onto a rifle. When new they cost $130.00, I'm asking $60.00
1 complete DPMS .308 trigger group. $60.00 Shot, less than 100 rounds by the first owner, swapped out when I got the rifle.

2 Ruger brand OEM factory trigger groups, with receiver mounting pins. $40.00 each Used in excellent condition, and include auto bolt release plates.
4 Standard Ruger 10/22 bolt release plates $5.00 each
2 Standard OEM Ruger 10/22 Trigger groups $40.00

Feel free to contact me for details and offers. PM here, or send message to my e-mail at: [email protected]
Regards, Gregory
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