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Going through alot of my stuff for when I move in the next few months. Selling alot of my military collectibles here. All prices include shipping. Trades considered. Please, checks or money orders only, no paypal please. Email me if interested.

German Gau Appell tinnie

A pair of postcards, one is a Boeing B-17, the other a SBD Dauntless dive bomber. $10 for both

A pair of small US Navy WWII pics. One is a PC boat (subchaser) deck gun crew in action, the other, a depth charge explosion. Both-$10

A set of six postcards of the chase and sinking of the battleship Bismarck. Not quite sure the age, but have never seen another set of these-$25

A small set of photos of a German destroyer, and the cruiser Admiral Hipper. Both $10

A pair of original postcards, one of the U-9, and the other of U-boat Captain Otto Weddigen, Germany's first U-boat ace in WWI. Both-$10

An original photo of the gunboat USS Asheville from Vietnam. $15-

A unused postcard of Admiral Tirpitz from WWI $10

A postcard/photo of the HMS Pathfinder, the first warship ever to be sunk by a German U-boat.$10

A postcard of the German battlecruiser Derfflinger. $10

A small Japanese photo of a WWII Japanese heavy cruiser $15

An original photo of the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein from 1929-$10

A large photo of the Spanish battleship Alphonso the Third from 1936. $15

An original photo of a Japanese ferry being bombed from July 1945 $15

An original photo of WWII U-boat Captain Gunther Prien. Prien took the U-47 into Scapa Flow in 1939 and sank the British Battleship the Royal Oak. Britain's Pearl Harbor. The little packet is kind of a small book given to kids. Never seen another. Both the photo, and the packet together $50

Original photos of the WWII light cruiser Emden. All six photos together (won't separate) $50

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