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I'm posting this for Rick Maier. Please do not contact me about these items. Communicate with him directly if you are interested in any of these items. With his permission, I am posting a link to a Dropbox folder with pictures of the items.
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Hello. My name is Rick Maier. I am writing to you today because I just don’t know where else to go. My brother just recently passed away and was a life member of the S&WCA as was our father. My brother’s name is Robert (Bob) P. Maier and my father was William (Bill) J. Maier, who was extremely active in support of the S&WCA. My father passed his S&W collection down to my brother who now has passed it on to me. I own a few guns, but I am far from being a S&W collector. They had mostly memorabilia of collector status along with a few guns. I am just wondering if someone in the Association would be interested in taking a look at the collection. Someone that would appreciate it much more than I. I have gone as far as taking pictures, but there are a total of 40 pictures of groups of items and I’m pretty sure it would be challenging to get all of them emailed. It is possible that I could share a folder from my Dropbox account if anyone would be interested. Thank you for your time.


Rick Maier
[email protected]

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