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WTS: 511 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster for Smith-Wesson M&P Full Size

excellent condition, never actually used. Modified slightly to clear optic but does not effect the performance. Includes original bag, instructions, belt-slide, paddle and chop block. Beware of fakes on Amazon.

$45 Shipped or best offer.
81090054_2912559912117243_4029559474116100096_n.jpg 81310012_2493129767672691_8764902845150396416_n.jpg
81246916_485714572082674_7959372425886433280_n.jpg 81157820_2621911501258801_7524968438452715520_n.jpg 82059824_2252119921756331_5319018066372198400_n.jpg

511 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster for Smith-Wesson M&P 4" Full Size (9mm, .40, .357)
Model 50096 Right Hand

One of the safest and fastest-drawing Level II holsters available today, the 5.11 Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Thumb Drive Handgun Holster, has an exclusive thumb-activated safety that secures your weapon at all times. The removable Chop-Block attachment feature on this Gun Holster from 5.11 Tactical helps prevent others from removing it during a weapon retention struggle. The 5.11 Thumb Drive M&P Level-II Weapon Holster includes a belt slide and paddle to provide you with all day comfort. This 5.11 Tactical Firearm Holster has been engineered by Blade-Tech and field tested by Viking Tactics, to offer military and law enforcement professionals the perfect holster for tactical and on-duty situations. For a great way to make sure your weapon is secure and easy to draw, choose the 511 Thumb Drive Sidearm Holster for S&W M&P Pistols.
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