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Hello all, I have acquired this beautiful model 639 (9mm) from a family friend and have decided to sell it to someone who will appreciate its rarity/condition more than myself.

- This 639 was built in 1982, the first model year of production. It has the rounded trigger guard, and the safety is only on one side (rather than ambidextrous as on the later model years)
- Serial # is A782xxx (blurred in picture)
- It is in absolutely astonishing condition, especially considering its age. It has only had a handful of rounds through it in its entire lifetime and has always been kept oiled and in a padded and locked case.
- The original wood grips have been replaced with some nice feeling wraparound grips, but I do have the original grips in excellent condition which will be included in the sale.
- Also included are two original 8 round stainless magazines, both also in excellent condition.
- The pistol will be shipped in a small padded gun case (pictured below)

Gun is essentially sold, pending payment.
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