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Yes, shows some wear but I still like this one. Wondering when it was manufactured, is the serial number on the butt so 281232?

If so can someone say when it was built?

When I purchased this one it had wooden grips which were worn almost smooth so when I purchased some old junky, bulk ammo and found these grips in one of the boxed I put them on, are the appropriate?

Finally, I am afraid to ask but I see a ring inside each hole in the cylinder, is this from the factory or is this from too much or too hot shooting? So is it safe to fire?

Your help is appreciated.


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The wood grips are from a newer J-frame, one built after 1968, if the washers inside are silver they are newer than 1980. The original grips would have black washers inside and a smooth uncheckered diamond shaped area around the screw escutcheon.
But they are for the right size/type of gun (round butt J-frame), just a newer version.
As blazermark says, your model 37 is from around late 1961 since the serial numbers in 1962 started with 295000.
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The rings inside the cylinder are factory. The frames are alloy and no +P ammo, 38 Special only. They are great carry guns,
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