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My Dillon powder measure with the small powder bar and fixed spacer plate was binding. Tiny amounts of powder was spilling when the bar retracted on the down stroke. I had talked to Dillon Customer Support six years ago about this issue. The solution was I returned the 1982 original measure and received a new one at reduced price.

The Tech also added that the fixed plate could be cleaned and shimmed on the top side with a piece of Scotch tape. So a little knowledge is always dangerous.

I removed the fixed spacer and moveable powder bar. Then I gently stroked all surfaces on a piece of 1000 grit wet or dry paper. The lower surface opening of the powder measure casting was also 'smoothed'. Then I applied a piece of 0.003" thick shipping tape to the top side of the stationary spacer (carefully trim edges flush and cut our center hole for powder to flow) to 'tighten' the loose sliding fit of the bars.

When I reassembled the powder measure, the operation was very smooth, no powder spillage, powder return spring operated normally. There was no more binding on the press down stroke.

This was an easy fix versus the wait time to order new parts from Customer service or shipping time through USPS. I was up and running again with 9 MM and 38 Spl target ammo.

EDIT: The tape goes on top of the fixed spacer plate between the plate and the powder measure casting. There is no movement between the taped surface and any other parts. End EDIT

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Hey 1911,

You are ahead of me!

Got my first 550 in '85, whilst living in Phx.

Dillon was in a garage, at that time. Had several presses set up in a variety of calibers.

They let you make ammo on their presses, to help decide which press was for you.

Still have the mimeographed directions! :ROFLMAO:

Later, Mark
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