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Hoping to post some pics of a Maine Woods style hovel over this coming weekend. The weather has been horrendous this June. No good days to get interior pics of the place. It is a representation of a trappers camp and even with some modern convenience's such as sawn lumber and a is true in the feel of the era. Sets out in the backcountry and that is where I've visited lately ;)

Onto a good is what has kept me off the Forum's at night... :mrgreen:

Liberty Men and Great Proprietors

Recently picked up the book by Alan Taylor about the Revolutionary settlements on the Maine frontier from 1760 -1820.

Truly about the Liberty Men or the Sons of Liberty in Mid-Maine - defenders of the Revolution betrayed by Americas Great Men.

I have perhaps 20 books on the Revolutionary War period. This one is truly groundbreaking. Basically it tells the tale of the poor people. And seems to set a tale of the transfer of power and landholding rights from the British before the war, to the "Proprietors" after it. Hard to tell who was worse....The Brits or the rich and entitled Americans that came after the Revolution.

There was a second American Revolution fought against these Proprietors and their agents. Shamelessly, some of the signers of the Declaration were members of the land grab...

Anyrate, great read....and a eye-opener.

Picking up a .45 Cal flinter in a longrifle soon. Will share it here, when the time comes...

Jules and I are makin' camp this weekend up on one of our landings. Will be trying out a new Fire Iron set if the weather cooperates. Expect we will be making a trip up North to visit with some of the original Ancient Ones. Jule's first trip to another era, should be interestin', to say the least , as we plan on havin' our youngest grandson in tow...spell tow abit different and you come up with in two years old :) ...anyrate, between him and the dogs....guessin' I'll have my hands full....

Pease, my friends....


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The weather here has been a bear this month also. That book sounds like a good read.

Hope you and Jules and your grandson have a blast, don't forget the pictures!
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