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I bought this gun about 10 years ago at a Phoenix gun show for $300 from a private seller, who had just minutes earlier taken it in on trade, so he knew next to nothing about it. The serial number is clear on the butt frame location, the cylinder face and under the extractor star, but when you look at the barrel flat, nothing. I recently pulled this gal out because a friend thought he might want to buy it, but called to tell me he went another route, no big deal. However, doing a look over, I noticed the flat barrel space with no number, something I either didn't see before or it didn't register on me at the time and I was working then, I was always busy. I won't share the serial number, but can say it clearly shipped in 1952. Any ideas? If this is a replacement barrel, it wasn't done at the factory, there are no stamp marks to indicate anything like that. I'll say this; if it is a replacement barrel, whoever did the work earned their money because it's deadly accurate, the only errors being that of the shooter! Opinions are welcome, I'd like to know now exactly what I have! :)

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