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Hey guys, I have lugged this set around for the last 20+ years, never used any of the items included, and I think it's time to let this go to a collector that might appreciate it.
This is a collection of Bianchi Accessories that was intended as a gift for the gun toter in your life back then, and it certainly still could be, at least to S&W Forum folks.
It's a boxed gift set that contains:
1. Bianchi Coffee Mug (you could use it for buttermilk too, if you really want to!)
2. Two Pack (not TUPAC!) of Bianchi 38/357 Speed Strips
3. John Bianchi's Book; "Blue Steel and Gun Leather (2nd Edition)
4. Bianchi Silicone Gun Cloth
5. Firearms Inventory Book
6. Bianchi Cleaning Rod for the M9 Pistol (remember, they had probably just won the holster contract for the US Military, which included a cleaning rod in the front edge of their holster, IIRC)

Rare enough that I could not find a reference to it on the .www, so that's saying something (I guess?)
I'd like to ask $99 & 1/2 of actual shipping for this, PayPal or USPS Money Order either are fine as payment.

PM me with any questions or to see more pics.
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