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I have no wish list. All the guns I want have already been made. The new guns do nothing for me. :)
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I have several Smith's. I was in a special military unit in Vietnam. A hat pin has been
created for that unit. I am trying to find a grip maker, that can recess that hat pin
into new grips for the Smith's that I have. Anybody have any Ideas ?. I have emailed a grip maker in Indiana, but have not received a reply as yet. Thanks for your time.
Hello All, I am still looking for a grip maker to make grips for the Smith's I have.
Have contacted such a person in Indiana, who told me he does not do inlay
work. Have not received a reply from DWFAN, so still not finding any other
grip makers. Anyone have any ideas, I have run out any place to look.
Thanks again. Dandybaron................................
Good news, Found a grip maker to do the job. They are on the way.
Will let ya's know more when I get them installed. Later..................
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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