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I love my 1911 Performance Center roundbutt but hate those "lightening cuts." Those hang up on Safariland ALS retention holsters and I managed to get a jacket sleeve caught in one to the point the weapon HUNG from my sleeve!

I ended up buying a 1911SC 2-tone and swapped slides. Haven't shot it yet. Wish S&W would offer the PC without the cuts as an option.

1911SC front checkering too harsh.


I wish the NFA law had failed Supreme Court challenge.

Ditto with Hughes Amendment.

Wish Supreme Court would uphold 2nd Amendment per as written in all 50 states.


Would like S&W to lose the revolver lock on all models or offer it as an option.

S&W bring back Model 438.

Change Model 638 and 438 to the same hammer spur as on the old Model 38. Much easier to get purchase on the old design's hammer spur.
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