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Winchester Model 94

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Buddy of mine brought over a lever gun he inherited from his Dad. A Win 94 in .32 W.S. serial number 13492XX.
Cool old gun, nice walnut and blue and in pretty good condition. We plan on cleaning it this week and eventually taking it out to shoot.
Ammo hard to find?
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I tried to start a thread on Winchester 94's awhile back. Didn't meet with much sucess, either. Apparently, the Marlin folks made it over here!!! I've owned both, but I prefer the Winchester 94. It was a favorite of mine......forever, since I was a kid, looking at them at the Sears,Roebuck store back in the '50's. There are better rifles....but it's all that I need!!!! :ymapplause: :D Bob
Dennis, Those 2 rifles would handle anything that walks in the lower 48. I admire both of your choices, except the LH part!!!! :lol: I like the older Winchesters, but I had a 94 before the prices went crazy.
I couldn't .....or, at least wouldn't, pay for them at today's prices ! :-o Bob
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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