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Winchester Model 94

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Buddy of mine brought over a lever gun he inherited from his Dad. A Win 94 in .32 W.S. serial number 13492XX.
Cool old gun, nice walnut and blue and in pretty good condition. We plan on cleaning it this week and eventually taking it out to shoot.
Ammo hard to find?
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dennis40xnc said:

Winchester M70 Left Hand 30-06 & M94 30-30.
Don’t do the deer hunting thing of late. We opened our property and adjoining neighbor’s property for deer hunting this year. I believe the limit is (5) per season several nice bucks were taken along with does. The deal was you can take a buck but we want the doe taken out also.
Dennis, Don't let them pick on you cause your in your right mind, I shoot left too. Mines a Rem. 700DXLH in 06, and I've still got my first rifle a Rem. 581LH in .22lr.

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