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Winchester Model 94

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Buddy of mine brought over a lever gun he inherited from his Dad. A Win 94 in .32 W.S. serial number 13492XX.
Cool old gun, nice walnut and blue and in pretty good condition. We plan on cleaning it this week and eventually taking it out to shoot.
Ammo hard to find?
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bmcgilvray said:
I have it's slightly older brother, also in .32 Winchester Special. Good ol' deer slayer. I've taken a couple with this one. I took it out and verified the sights last fall but didn't end up hunting with it.

Ammo isn't too much of a chore to find. I do hand load for mine.

Minor trivia about the old argument about the .32 Special being more potent than the .30-30.

I once chronographed 10 rounds of fresh WW 170 grain .30-30 and 10 rounds of fresh WW 170 grain .32 Special side by side. Both loads were fired from pre war Winchester rifles, each one having a sparkling clean and bright 20-inch barrel.

Average velocity for each?

.30-30 2104 fps, .32 Special 2114 fps
I don't know if velocity means anything about potentcy but, bullet size does(the bigger the better).
I always assumed you could fire form Win. .32 brass by firing 30/30s in the .32 chamber but, have never seen this in print, anywhere? Don't know that I've ever seen an actual .32 case. Always thought they were made on 30/30 necked up to .32 caliber?
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