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that I shoot hand cannons more accurately (both slow and rapid fire) than smaller calibers?
My 460V is the most accurate over the longest range, then the Pre 29- almost equal with full power loads.
Not that I'm particularly bad with my K and J frame guns, but the real tack drivers for me are boomers.
Been that way for a lot of years, so this isn't a new development.

Anyone else notice something similar?

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I experience the same thing and was talking to a friend and avid shooter friend of mine. I will shoot full on 357 far better than my wife's 22.

I started to pay attention more and realized that somewhere in my head I respected the heavier calibers and instinctively took a much firmer grip and tightened the muscles in my wrist and forearm more.

I never realized I was doing it until I really started to wonder why I seemed to shoot better with a 10mm say over a 9mm.

Even the muscles in my back seemed to prepare better for the shot. When I grabbed a 9 or 22 since I had no respect for the recoil I noticed everything was sloppier. I just picked them up and started shooting

On a follow up visit with a 9mm I decided to really think about all the basics and make sure grip and stance were identical to when I shoot blasters and lo and behold ... hole in hole.

I struggled to figure it out too! If I didn't start tearing it down I never would have figured it out because had you asked me I would have swore I was shooting all the guns the same but I wasnt. I was really giving a bias to the more stout rounds.

Still it's more fun shooting the blasters anyway 馃榿
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