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who's a fan of m60-3?

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I can get a nearly new one for $ or not?
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That is a bit high IMO. you could find a 60-10(pre-lock) .357 for a little less than that. Do some looking before you commit. Good luck, James.
It has been my experience, in the past (before I had my basic battery complete) that if you see something particular that you want, at a fairly reasonable price, you probably should buy it. If you don't, when you come back to buy's gone!!! :eek:

The key is to keep looking around, so that you know what is available, elsewhere. Also, check on Gunbroker, to have an idea of what they're selling for. That way, when you see what you want will be able to buy intelligently......on the spot! Oh yeah......keep a credit card or carry cash, so can act immediately....if not sooner!!! Bob
I have one with Crimson Trace laser grips but without the Hi-Viz front sight. I bought it NIB from a dealer for $425 (without the CT grips) but that's been a year or so ago. They've, no doubt, gone up since then. Mines a great shooter but does bark when shooting .357's through it with the small boot style CT grips. Not nearly as bad as my 11 oz. 360SC though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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