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Who would have ever thought THESE would get expensive!?!

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We all tell "back in the day" stories, here's mine.

Back in the 80's when the police traded revolvers for semi-autos, Kieslers Police Supply in Jeffersonville Indiana had Mod 66's for around $200 apiece.
I bought them and traded them off thinking they'll never run out.


I've always kept a Mod 66 or two, but never really cared if I sold one or not.
Then, awhile back I had a chance to buy a coupla' more.

I did and a GB "completed auction" price check and it amazed me.

Over 500 + for a short bbl Mod 66?
I didn't pay near that, but it makes me wonder what happend to all those police trade ins.


And with a 4 inch 66 no dash.
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It would seem that all bargains do not last. In the 1960s most gun shops had 1917 .45 s and M&P victory models in both .38 S&W and .38 specials. at very reasonable prices. We can all see what has happened to these prices now. hvapa;p;
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