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Where can I find a firing pin for a S&W 469?

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I checked with S&W and they are backorered, same with Midway. I really want to get this thing working quickly so I can use it for a backup gun match we're having soon.

I did find this on Brownells: ... RING%20PIN

It doesn't list the 469, but isn't the 6904 essentially the same thing?
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It looks like Numrich Arms (E-gun parts) has some in stock, even though it lists as a M39 part, that's what gets pulled up from the 469 schematic.. may want to call to verify fitment:

Makes sense, the 1st & 2nd Gen guns are more likely to interchange as the internals pretty much stayed the same.

A quick eyeball check of my 559 and a 5904, it looks like the 5904 3rd gen is a tad larger in diameter, judging by firing pin hole in the slide.... but that could be due to old eyes playing tricks on me too.
Contact Smith & Wesson's Customer Service at (800) 331-0852 from 8am-8pm EST, and order one.
I tried, but S&W has them backordered and I wouldn't get it in time for the BUG match we're having next week. I ordered 2 from e-gunparts.

gunhacker said:
...A quick eyeball check of my 559 and a 5904...
Please email me an address so I can send this firing pin that apparently you may be able to use. I ordered this from Brownells before I saw your post. ... RING%20PIN

[email protected]
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