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when do you tighen the screws on the side plate?

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Re: when do you tighten the screws on the side plate?

John Their should not be any reason to worry about it. Of the many smith&Wesson's that I own I've never had a problem with loose side plate screws. If it gives you Peace of mind take the screw driver that came with gun and gently check for snugness. :)
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John, S&W doesn't use locktite on their guns. However, the new ones have a drop put on the yoke screw and they let it dry, then it gets screwed in. (It looks like a drop only on 1 side.)
Anyway, pick up a gunsmith hollow ground screwdriver set from your favorite gun store and throw it in your tackle bag. Sometimes they loosen up so then if they do, just snug up the screws.
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