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Hey guys, we've been meaning to start a monthly newsletter for awhile now that will highlight what's new with SGUSA and what's in the hopper. We've finally posted our first one and will try and keep you updated monthly.

In our first monthly newsletter, Paul Laemmlen, Founder of StealthGearUSA tells of our growing pains and how we've overcome them and become a stellar example of a business dedicated to customer service and to delivering the highest quality concealment gear in a timely manner.

This fall will bring many new products to the SGUSA line-up including the SGUSA appendix carry holster, and others. Check out the newsletter for the full list of new products and some teaser shots that will get you excited to add them to your EDC gear!

Thoughts, News, and Articles | StealthGearUSA Ventilated, concealed carry gun holsters

Here is a teaser shot of our appendix carry holster that we're currently field testing. Let me know what you think!:


Tyler Ely, CEO


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