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But when you have about 1-2 seconds to decide - what can you grab?
If that's all I have, the M66-1 is loaded and has a flashlight next to it that will blind you at 30 feet. I should have a bit more time than that, though, because I have two dogs asleep in between the front and back door. One is about 80 pounds and is part Lab and part Pit Bull. She's not mean, but her bark leads you to think you're going to lose a limb if she wants it. The other dog is about 80 ounces and her best trick is getting underfoot and tripping you. In all the commotion and confusion, I should be able to grab something else, but the .357M is as good as anything at 15 feet. The top of my safe is less than 4 feet from me when I'm in bed.
1 - 2 of 63 Posts