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What Have You Done This Week Ammo-wise?

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Did you purchase, reload or expend any ammo this week? Pictures are welcome!

I bought a few boxes of Federal 129gn 38 special +P Hydra Shoks for my house/mouse gun. I keep the same load so my (Crimson trace) lasers point of aim won't change...This ammo is hard to find!!

(I wonder if this topic will run 100 pages long. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: )
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I expelled 150 rounds of UMC .40s&w out of my Sig Sauer 2340 on Sunday... Bought a 500 round brick of Winchester Wildcat .22LR yesterday to feed my new-to-me Remington Mohawk 10C
Nothing accomplished this week. Work got in the way. :mrgreen: All I managed to do was bid on a 4 pound bottle of Herco on Gunbroker. Don't anybody go looking for it. :p
I loaded 500 rounds of .45 Colt.

I shot 50 rounds of Remington 110 gr. JSP .30 Carbine through a Ruger Blackhawk.

I shot 550 rounds of Federal bulk pack .22 through: a Colt Police Positive Target (1933); a Colt Officer's Model Match (1969); a Ruger Mk I and a Colt Officer's Model Target (1951).

I bought 400 rounds of W-W .45 ACP, 1650 rds of Federal bulk pack .22 long rifle, 40 rounds of W-W .22-250 and 50 rds of Remington 125 gr. JHP .357 Mag.
Interesting, that my range has 9mm, .45acp, .45LC on hand, and (except for the .45acp) at decent prices.
I STILL blame a lot of the so-called 'distribution' shortages on greedy wholesalers, and so does my range-owner!
Got lucky at Wally's, they had 9mm, .45 in white boxes at normal pricing...also had .380s, but I don't shoot my PPK.
I walked into walmart and looked at there gaping empty shelves in the ammo section and bought my groceries and went home.They havent had 38 or 357 or bulk 22 for three months no one is buying it all upo they cannot get it.
I built up some shot columns in a Flintlock English Fowler today, and shot it 5 times...

Does that count :mrgreen:
Nothing yet, but I hope to shoot some this weekend!
Since most of my handgun brass is loaded, I have been concentrating on rifle reloading. Just got done loading a few boxes each of .350 Rem mag, 8mm Rem mag, and .257 Weatherby mag. Also just finished resizing and trimming 200 pieces of 7mm Rem mag brass. Last night was .300 Win mag brass (150), resize and trim. Rifle rounds take quite a bit to do, but the alternative is paying $1.50+ per shot!! :eek: Well, its a nice view from my reloading bench anyhow, as I have it out on my back deck, and I'm watching the sunset now, and can see both Lake Mohave and the Laughlin hotel lights from here. Just have to pay attention to what I'm doing and not get too carried away with the view!! :D
My wife got me an early Father's day present of 12, 50 rds boxes Winchester white box 40 caliber 165 grain fmj for $120. I cann't shoot it till next week though.
Have not bought anything {still can not find reloading supplies} and have not been out shooting. Family and work has come first for the past few weeks and now fixin' to leave to go see Mom in the hospital. Been getting the 5th wheel ready for the summer trips {lost battery charging wire connection some place last month
I scored some 357 brass from a friend at work, about a 1000 cases, time to get busy reloading.
My friend Phil (all5x) sent me six 50 round boxes of 9mm gold dot 124 grain hollow points as a gift, delivered by our own MickeyD on his yearly sabbatical to southern Cal...of course, I had to return the favor so I sent him back 2 boxes of Ranger T 147 9mm, 2 boxes of 38 winclean, and 3 20 round boxes of vintage Lake Cities 30-06, circa 1962, for his new Garand.... :)
Another all rain weekend!
I notice the gun stores (hoffman in Newington) are getting ammo in. It's pricey however...
It's like 3 weeks in a row I can't go to the range. I got this new rifle I'm building and I'm waiting for the new lower before I test it out. 2ND week of July I'm off for a couple weeks so this is my window to finish it up and sight it in. I have several thousand rounds stockpiled of .223 so if I will have lots of brass to pick up if this new AR15 gives me trouble. If it doesn't give me trouble, I still may have lots of brass to pick up. :D I need to get to the range, before I go insane.
Just got back from Idaho on Wednesday this week. Spent most of the time cursing the rain. Didn't fish much. Caught a couple or three nice pan-size trout. Spent last night loading 100 rounds of .300 Savage to shoot later this week. Went to Wal-Mart and they had nothing I could use. Will spend time today loading some .44 WCF and .38 WCF. Got the magazine for the Savage 23C to work - had to disassemble the fool thing as its spring was installed upside down and backwards! No wonder it didn't work! (Good help is so hard to find these days. It was probably assembled by illegals.) So, I'll load up some .32 WCF to take with me to the Peach Orchard. Got some .22 Short, Long & Long Rifle to shoot in my Remington - the one that I had to get a new bolt for. Gonna play with that one, too. I'm gonna shoot birds outta the trees. Pesky devils are eating my peaches!

No Joy on the 23 Mag.... I've got one more place to check but the old bugger lives up in Errol, NH and never talks over the phone..... he's convinced the FBI & NASA are conspiring to keep him from selling his old stock of gun parts and Ford hubcaps.....

I'm still in there swinging for you Hermano, but it don't look good.

Pick a peach for me.

I just counted it up and fired 129 rounds of .357 Sig. and 90+ rounds of 223 for our Police Department seasonal Qualifications last Tuesday.
I've been working on 2 .223 loads, 55 grain Hornady and 70 grain Speer SP loads. Right now I am comparing Varget with some 2230 for these bullets, just doing 10 at a time with each charge trickled and weighed.
Gettin' mighty sick of rain.
Thanks, Drew. I'm still looking, too. Maybe, between the two of us, we'll come up with one. (He says with fingers & toes crossed.)

Still nothing at the local Wal-Mart stores. Lots of .40 caliber stuff and .44 magnum. Nothing this week in the reloading arena as I'm installing an air conditioning unit in the gun room and everthing is scattered to the four winds until I get it up & working. Heh, heh, then I'm off to the Peach Orchard to kill birds.

I'll pick a peach for you, Drew. What do you want me to do with it?

No, it won't fit there. :lol:
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