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Well, let's see here. I went through the list of posts and didn't see a Colt Trooper (early version, not the Mk model). Here's my NOS unfired one:

Or, an original Colt Ace model. Here's mine:

Or, its very rare Argentine cousin, the aptly nicknamed, Argentine Ace (yes, in .22LR). Here's mine with it's big brother, the Argentine/Colt Systema in 45 ACP::

Or, any of the S&W first model tip up revolvers. Nice list so far, though. I didn't mention the Bekeart model, 422 model, Colt Bullseye or High Standard .22's.


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Here's a fun question for the group. More by accident than design I have a collection of classic rimfires. Some stand out as significant in their time, and still do today. Some are just quirky. Nearly all are 22lr, but a few are 22WRF or 22WMR.

So - going forward - what stands out as missing from this list? I have one in mind, that's been a bit costly when I've seen one, but I won't prejudice the discussion.

Colt Police Positive. 1914
Colt Pre-Woodsman - 1915
Walther Olympia - 1928
Colt Woodsman - 1931
Harrington & Richardson Sportsman - 1936
S&W K22 Masterpiece - 1955
High Standard Supermatic Citation Trophy - 1957
Colt Frontier Scout -1958
Ruger MkI - 1960
High Standard Sentinel - 1962
Colt SA Buntline Scout - 1966
Browning Medalist - 1967
Beretta 74 - 1968
Stoeger Luger - 1969
Colt Targetsman - 1975
Ruger MkII Stainless - 1990
Ruger Single Six - 2012
Colt?Walther Gold Cup - 2013

What would you be looking for that it noticeably missing as a rimfire semi or revolver that screams " Where's your XXX?"
How about the S&W Model 1891 Single shot Target pistol "3rd model Perfected"?
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