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Wanna guess where I came from?

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Yep, another one from the other world.
Seems all the cool kids were doing it, so I had to mosey on over and see whats happening over here.
It's good to see some ol' familiar faces (names).
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Well it wasn't the Lavender or Pink forum, was it?

Welcome aboard Amigo, Lock and Load.....for all the fun!
There's a few dingbats over here ~ I count myself as one.... :mrgreen:

Welcome to the forum!
And just who is it that seems to have good cause for celebration? :mrgreen:

Here's to you and the missus' , somebody has cause to celebrate, it seems.... ;)

Howdy gr8! We are trying to have some fun here, but have to be real careful not to kick up too much dust. lsk705
You'll love it here. 8-9 is hot cocoa time....MickeyD likes to make little mustaches with the foam.
Welcome gr8 let it all hang out, we like to have fun here. :)
nugfaong and welcome01
welcome aboard! Pull up a seat at the cool kid's table :mrgreen:
ps. our smileys are better too!
"Wanna guess where I came from?"

Uh, Mars? njgapjgj njgapjgj

Welcome. Yeah, all the weirdos decamped from that other place - including me. :lol:
"Wanna guess where I came from?"

I was gonna guess from normal mammalian reproduction, but then I don't really know you. :p
A warm welcome to the forum, welcome01

Visit and post often. nfiofnp
Howdy and welcome!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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