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Not to get into wheter MIM parts are as good, I have a very simple question. Will a new MIM trigger work in and older pre MIM gun ? I know the hammers are different, with the frame mounted firing pin etc. but with the triggers isn't it the same trigger just a different manufacturing process?

Not really. The tolerance is different. Kinda like mixing apples with oranges putting MIM and non-mim parts together, or in this case MIM and forged....MIM parts cannot be fitted else it will cut through the case hardening. Forged and machined parts can be fitted and are case hardened after the fitting. The thing is that with the stud placements at + or - .002 from dead center (S&W spec) you have to worry about the single action sears engagement....poor fit will equal push off for example.

I wouldn't recommend it, but if a competent gunsmith was involved...then go for it ;)

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