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This belongs to a middle-aged friend from Germany (Essen, Nordrhein Westfalen), who is quite busy with four horses, fencing etc
.---He never reads gun websites---.

He is out of the hotter brands, and only has bulk Federal: blue, maroon box, Automatch, and Rem. Golden Bullet. Luckily some of us planned ahead for times such as this.
He bought the rifle about four months ago, 'NIB' in a gun store.

We both realize that hotter brands such as the best CCI are always helpful.
As with my .22LR handguns (much more reliable with cheap ammo than his rifle), should a newish M&P with about 500 rds. used, function much better with the cheaper brands?

Any educated guess is welcome. He said "one more try" and will then ship it to the factory of needed.
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