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This is a knife that I do know a good deal about. But for now, I'll just leave it untitled. It is a classic and timeless design. I can carry it with my Flintlocks and it is very much at home. It works with my percussion guns all the way up to my Buffalo guns. Right at home with my Sharps ;)

Perhaps it would be right at home with some early lever guns... yet it was made in the last century.

At anyrate, it is my favorite piece of steel :)

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Not fair!!! We want to know more!!!!
Not fair to make me think like that, I don't have many braincells as it is, but I'll look. Its around here somewhere.
Scagel hummm, very possible, as to German manufacture, in that time line, the Brits were known for their versions of bowie type blades, but the Germans tended to create longer blades more as sidearms for their boar hunting, their shorter blades were more dirk like. That blades got alot of belly going all the way to the hilt, the Germans were known for putting all the belly up front. Anyway if I'm all wrong oh well,I very possibly am, its a very nice early blade!!!!!! OH yeah, I lost lots of cells on that one. I had to go to my books and read!
Any markings on the blade around the tang? I've been looking at all the Scagel's I can and all the ones making copies and the Randells. Very hard to say, but the long belly is a giveaway for it being a Scagel. He seemed to like his knives with that feature.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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