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I’m tired of waiting for this first one to happen, so I’m going to post about it. Maybe that will make me feel better.

I like the Ruger GP-100 in 10mm, especially the 3” fixed sight Wiley Clapp model. Why? The L-frame/GP is about the largest framed/cylindered gun I like to carry. The .400 caliber looks like the biggest hole that cylinder can handle in six-round form. Therefore, it would be the biggest revolver I’d carry, in the largest caliber it can handle.

But I want a S&W, not a Ruger. The Ruger is nice, but not what I want.

Yes, S&W has the .40 cal 646, but I think it might as well be a 10mm.

Make it a 3” please, but a 4” will do.

My second wish is a recent one. I’ve looked at and thought about the S&W Model 12 for a while, but never owned one until a few months ago. I liked the idea of a lightweight K Frame, and like it more now that I’ve tried it out. The saying about them: “Carries like a J; shoots like a K” really is true.

I’d like to see a return of these. And while at it, why not ask for some changes? I’d like it to be +P capable. If that requires making it from Scandium alloy, then fine. And I’d like to see a 3” heavy barrel option, in addition to the old 2” and 4” barrels.

Yes, yes, they made the 315 Nightguard. They were here and gone before most people knew they existed, and I doubt many have even seen one.

So those are my wants. A new Model 12 (312?) and a whatever model number the L/10mm would be. Say...What model would that be?
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