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Got it!! Cleaned it last night. Only issue last night was getting the charging handle back in. Knew the bolt came out and then had to lift the charging handle to get it out. But wouldn't bo back in. Son walked in and asked to look. He figured it out. (Ggrr, embarrassed.) Looked back at the manual and yep, I had read it but somehow when I tried to reassemble I got a little frustrated and forgot. Now it is so simple.

BUT this morning, I figured I didn't clean the bolt assemly so I did that. Only issue was again putting it back together. Put the firing pin back in but the cottter pin type thing wouldn't go all the way in. Made sure I had everything right. It would go in and clear the firing pin but couldn't finish getting it back in the other side. Took the firing pin out and got it in once so put the firing pin back in. Nope. Looked and it seemed a littler more spread apart than originally. Called S&W. They can't issue the part as they buy the entire bolt carrier assemply as one thing. While waiting managed to press the tips back together more and got everything back in. Everything ok, it doesn't slide out. Will buy a couple of those pins jfor future just in case.

Oh, getting the bolt cam pin in that holds the bolt in (the thing you turn ¼ turn to get the bolt out) was fun getting back in. Hole has to be lined up precisely. Got it back in ok but took a few moments.

Question, How often do y'all take the bolt our and/or apart to clean?

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Re: Firing pin retainer (cotter pin), I had a similar problem. It was a bit splayed at the end. I find that twisting it side to side as I insert it helps.

I take the bolt carrier group (BCG) out and fully clean it after every time I go shooting. It gets dirtier than anything else on the gun. Get that carboned up and you may start having firing/feeding issues.
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