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Right now I'm carrying a Performance Center Ported .40 S&W Shield. It wasn't too long before I decided the Hiviz fiber optic sight that it came with were cool looking, as long as the light was good, BUT too many evil deed-doers prefer to do their evil deeds in darker situations. That's not so cool. So after a bit of study, I found and purchased a set of Ameriglo Spartan Tactical Tritium Night Sights, (Orange/Green SW-456). The front tritium capsule is surrounded by a very visible circle of florescent orange material. Easy to see, even in lower light levels, and if it's really dark, the center glows. Seems to be a satisfactory answer to this common problem. Right now I'm waiting through the CA 10 day wait period, for a 9mm PC Ported Shield, which I will also equip with another set of the same description Ameriglo Spartan Tactical Tritium Night Sights. I like that BIG front sight for fast response. Nice guns.
Un believable Bears kill people ! Speak softly and carry a big bear gun always !
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