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On our S&W Shield 9mm we removed the OEM sights (non night set) and replaced with a TruGlo Tritium Pro set. What I like about the sights starting with the front sight there is a larger white ring around the Tritium insert better for picking up the front sight with ambient lighting. The rear sight has a U-notch as opposed to a rectangular opening thus quicker sight alignment. The Tritium inserts are smaller on the rear sight also the rear sight surface facing the front sight is tapered top to bottom which gives a hook edge surface for emergence one hand slide manipulation.

The sight set comes with a twelve year manufactures warranty, and there is a $15.00 rebate from the manufacture until the end of December. I liked the sights enough to order a additional set. The sights are suitable for mounting on either or Shield and or MP series pistols. I ordered the sight set from Amazon at the seventy some odd dollars with sales tax.
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