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I've had numerous military rifles over the years. I've also messed with the triggers to improve shooting.
Here are two links to that I have used repeatedly on numerous rifles. All I can say is they work great.

M1 Garand, M14 style rifles:

Improving The M1 Rifle's Trigger


15 Minute Practical Trigger Job for the AR-15

Some parts that might also help tremendously if you can find them are a JP yellow Spring kit for the AR. The last two I bought were not the quality of the older ones so they may be a waste of money.
They are about $10 from MidwayUSA.
For the M1 Garand and the M14 a new oversized trigger pin polished to fit your rifle. I got a titanium nitride trigger pin from Fulton Armory about 20 years ago and that one part made the trigger pull so smooth it was unbelievable.
A loose pin through the trigger can make for inconsistent trigger pulls. A tight one can make a huge difference in pull.

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Thanks for the leads. We might want to make this a sticky. I'll dig into it when I get home early next week.

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