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Ok .. I heard it (Todays gun adventures) in my head like it was a 50's lead in on a sci fi movie but that could just be me.

Jumped on my bike and headed out to the range. I brought my new, unfired by me ever Sig 229R E2 in 40 S&W ... seems stupid to go to the range and NOT bring the 28 and I brought the little Rocky 206 Spurless since I installed Hogue rubber grips for the wife and wanted to see if they would fall off.

First up .. the sig .. I picked it up yesterday from the FFL and I did a field strip gave it a quick once over with a rag and then a few drops of oil where it should go. I dry fired just a touch last night and was wildly impressed with how smooth the DA was.

I have had a few CZ DA/SA guns and some rugers and even an old smith. Love the CZ's but that DA can be a heavy gritty beast unless you do some work. The ruger was fine .. a p89 but .. it was nothing to write home about and the Smith was DA only and was smooth as butter but I got it used and you could see it had seen a lot of love and rounds. Still accurate as hell but .. she had been around the block.

So new .. this was the nicest of the DA/SA guns I have owned as far as triggers.

The SUPER high bore hieght was a bit unnerving but .. I figured I really wouldnt notice once I was sending bullets down range and looking at sights and targets and not studying the gun.

Well .. the gun was all that and a side order of fries! Recoil .. what recoil? I fired a half box of S&B 180 gr and a half box of 155 gr lawman, about 30 of my reloads and 6 Federal HST.

What a blast!

This was my first shot ever .. it was DA and I always shoot standing unsupported both eyes open as if I were dispatching Zombies and Virals. Not very far at 7 yds.


I have been shooting almost exclusively revolver for the last year or two so I wanted to re acclimate myself to the transition from DA to SA on a DA/SA gun.

I threw up a silhouette and loaded 6 rounds at a time ensuring the first round was always in DA and fired at what I consider my combat speed. I dont game so I might not win any contests but I know how fast I would want to shoot in a real zombie emergency and the pace works for me. Figure about 6 rounds 3 seconds.

On the first 2 I threw the SA but then I got the trigger and I almost forgot there was any transition to be had and that was probably for the better because once I stopped thinking about going from DA to SA and just shooting .. Things were working out fairly well. This is about 50-60 rounds .. all unsupported all both eyes open all quickly and at about 8-9 yds.

I went back to the smaller shape targets for a couple of rounds and was putting bullets in bullet holes.

Broke out the 28 .. You know .. I mentioned the 28 to the kids working the counter and I might as well have been talking about aliens. Not a one knew what I was talking about. Sad really

That gun will put a grin on my face every time I shoot it. I only let off 42 rounds of 4.5gr HP38 under a 158gr coated lead and a Magnum primer. It is awesome. I swear .. its one of those guns that I can look haphazardly at the sights and in my mind wish the bullets to the target and make tiny little groups. I wonder why leo's got away from it. Sure plastic 9mm's can hold a million rounds but .. there arent that many guns I have owned that I can will the bullets to go where I wish!!

Still rather hit a zombie with 2 .357's than miss 10 times with a 9mm

So then came some home brew stuff. I had my 40S&W lee dies set up PERFECTLY for loading 10mm. They were locked in place with Hornady lock rings and they were SPOT on. In order to load some 40 to see if my reloads would work and how they would work I had to mess with the dies. It pained me!!

Took me about 45 minutes before I had everything perfect for 40. Ugh!

So Lee dies come with these rings with rubber washers. Which I immediately sent to the spare parts box and never used.


I measure with a caliper the difference in case between the 40 and 10mm and set about grinding it down on an upside down belt sander. Slowly it was coming in line and then I finished up just using some 100 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and then my knife sharpening stones.

So now .. I have all my dies set PERFECTLY for 40S&W and when I want to go to 10mm I dont have to do anything but spin the spacer on and after testing it a bit .. I get perfect results with 40 and with 10mm. I was ready to buy another die set. I have seperate die sets for the 38 and 357 so I can have them locked in place and not mess with them but .. For 90 minutes time the spacer works fine and I didnt have to spend $50+ for another die set.




So that was my gun adventures for today!! :)

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Just can't find much better days. Glad all the guns worked and that is some nice shooting. I agree with you on the 28 as mine makes everyone look like a pro shooter. Thanks for the read.

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Good times! Great shooting with some fine firearms. Thanks for the report.:cool:
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Nice write up of a good day at the range. I have noticed that sometimes if I concentrate too much on the perfect shot, it doesnt happen, but just pulling up and firing puts them in there. Of course you have to have built up some muscle memory first. I barely notice the difference between striker fired, DA or SA as long as I dont focus on it too much
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