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(Alternate topic: Mother and Son range time!)

My son was sick and couldn't come on Sunday as originally planned, but he did get here on Monday. Shortly after he arrived, the magazine loading process began and off to the range we went. No pictures from that first day. He mostly shot the 4 guns he brought along and I shot a couple of my own plus his Ruger Mark IV to compare it with my Mark IV Lite. Hubby shot one or two but mostly he comes along to be with us. He much prefers to shoot with the Wed. competition shooting group.

Pictures are all from Tuesday, our second day at the range, with several more guns involved.

Here I am with my baby boy.............(well, he was a baby boy 60 years ago):

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I'm 5'3" tall but my son makes me look like a little kid next to him.

And here is ever faithful hubby, who self identifies as my Pack Mule when he hauls my way-too-heavy range bag for me:
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Tuesday, was "Let's Share Guns" day! All together we had a total of 11, with 7 of ours and son's 4. He is not a revolver shooter so we brought 3 of our favorite S&W's for him to "experience." Not having a neat old shale pit like Jonesy and Curt have, we went to our club range.

We put up an IDPA cardboard target, a couple splatter targets, a plain paper target and I hung two gallon plastic jugs on twine between the two target stands. I like to do move and shoot the bottles and make them dance! (Sorry, no target pictures)

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We started my son out with .44 special ammo in hubby's S&W Model 629 (#7). 44 magnum would have been nasty punishment even though the gun has been magnaported. Then he stepped down to my S&W Model 686 (#4) with .357 rounds. He said there was a little more recoil from that one. Then it was my Model 60 (#5) with .38 special rounds which is enough recoil for a non-revolver shooter. Then, for giggles I had him shoot my Browning 1911-22 (#3) and he turned around with a grin and said "Pea Shooter!!"

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Then he shot his 3 9mm guns (#9, #10, #11) and his Ruger Mark IV (#8). BOY IS THAT A PRETTY GUN with its swirly limited edition blue grips! As all Marks, it is totally accurate. And he topped things off by shooting my hubby's RIA 1911 in 9mm (#6). That gun is totally accurate too. I think he may buy one of those because he sure asked a lot of questions about it.

OH - and now he is a REAL SHOOTER: He got his first big blood blister from loading a magazine into his Glock 19 too fast and not watching closely.

I shot the RIA 1911 also, even though with the damage to my hand and wrist and the arthritis, I shouldn't be shooting 9mm anymore. But it is heavy enough to absorb most of the 9mm recoil. I also shot my M&P .22 compact, my Browning 1911-22 and my Shield EZ .380. Since I absolutely can't shoot right handed anymore, I need to protect my left hand as much as possible from what used to be normal recoil.

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The weather could not have been more perfect and yet there was not another soul on either the lower range where we shot or on the upper all steel range! We were there a little over an hour and a half and that is about the limit of endurance for this Granny.

Our women's group was Sunday and now after three days in a row of shooting, this old lady IS ALL TIRED OUT! Hubby is assigned to clean the revolvers and I get to clean everything else including the new Kimber Micro Raptor which I can't use at all (That gun HATES ME!) but Hubby shot on Monday and has claimed. I WILL keep it clean, though.

We came home and I made a salmon/pasta salad on lettuce for a light supper on a warm fall day.

And that was our two day family shooting time together. It was ALL GOOD. Thanks for reading!
After 2 years of looking at property after property, We finally bought 41+ Acres in Mountain City, TN. I will have enough flat ground to shoot 250 yds!
Granny, your pictures have inspired me to build as quickly as I can. I can't wait to finally shoot up some of this ammo I've been buying or loading for the past dozen years. I do shoot at a range occasionally but, I WANT MY OWN! No loading up the truck to drive 30 minutes to shoot any more or having to leave my brass on the floor of the indoor handgun range.
Thank you Granny!!

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