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I'm kinda in love with the No. 4 been wondering about getting a number 6 in .22 rimfire. There are two available at a shop here in Maine. Average condition and about 2 and a half Franklins. If the bores are good, is it worth taking the plunge?

Obviously we will be skipping the No. 5's and a few others. I cannot fathom the price some of these single shots are bringing... :eek:


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Remington isn't making 'em anymore.

I don't think that they are as attractive as the one you already have, but one is necessary for a complete collection of Rem. Boy's Rifles. There are several variants - different length frames - one frame is rivited sheet metal, another is solid - one has a machined trigger guard, another has a bent sheet metal guard.

If one of the rifles is in VG-Fine condition with a near-perfect bore, I'd say $250 is a good buy. Check the buttstock to see that the through bolt hasn't been overtightened and split the wood where it bears against the action.

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