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These are as close as I get to pristine.

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I have had half a dozen M29s pass through my hands over the decades but this is the one that stuck with me since I got it in unfired condition in 1986. Not rare or fancy but it is in nearly perfect condition (as is the case). The finish on this gun is beautiful, better than what is usually observed on revolvers from the late 1970s. They must have been having a good day. I have fired about 200-250 rounds through it.

I have only owned this 27-2 for about 6 years but it arrived in the case with the original cardboard shipping wrapper and in unfired condition. So far I have only put 50 rounds through it but it will get used more in the future.

These two are as close as I get to pristine S&W revolvers and both are among the guns I have shot after buying them in unfired condition.
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understandibly so. My 29-4 I picked up NIB at a Reno gun show, not knowing what it was. I just thought it was perdy! Later found out it was a classic hunter, unfluted cylinder, full underlug 8 3/8 barrel. Only 2500 made. Best $400 I spent!
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