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"There Will Be Blood"

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This fellow stuck his head up to see what was going on at the wrong time this morning. We have baited these critters before and spent many hours and lots of ammo on these things. I have used about everything on them, from a 22LR pistol all the way to the 300 Win Mag. :mrgreen: But this is a first, and I like it!
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Looks like you "Bagged" him Mick..... :lol:
Looks like you'll need a few more before Barb can make a decent stew... :mrgreen:

I think he was counting shots 'cause he charged right when both 45 Colt revolvers were empty. Glad I had a back up gun happyroller
Good shootin' there :mrgreen:

Su Amigo,
What is that thing Azmick?It looks like a miniature gopher.When I was a kid we used to shoot gophers for hours but we didnt bait them.Used to take a 22 long rifle hull and put it against your lower lip and purse your lips give quick blows over the hole and it made a chirp that sounded just like them.
Every time you made a chirp or two they could not resist the urge to poke there head up and you could nail them.There was a dairy out side of town that had three big pastures and they had gopher cities in them. The farmer used let us kill as many as we could because they dug holes all over the place and his cows would step in the holes and break leggs.
Little critter looks cute covered up with that Smith...looks fun!
That is Arizona's version of a praire dog. Cannibalistic little critters that run around everywhere. Thousands of 'em. Makes for a fun few hours
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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