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The very first one....

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I took the opportunity to do a whole bunch of shooting today because two new officers were being trained at the range. When I left, I was pretty hungry so I stopped at the McDonalds on the way. I don't go past it often and I realized I had my camera along. Across the street from the McD's I bought lunch at is the very first McDonalds ever. Ray Kroc's first McDonalds right there in Des Plaines, Illinois. So for those of you who've never seen it or never had the pleasure of seeing an original style McD's, here it is:

I grew up in Deerfield where the second McDonalds was built. There was no sitting area to eat. I remember walking there and ordering fries and a strawberry milkshake and then eating while sitting on the ledge at the side of the restaurant. They tore the one down in Deerfield, but kept the original in Des Plaines as a landmark.
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Very cool. We had a Chips Hamburger (pre-Hardees) joint here before McDonalds arrived. Burgers were also fifteen cents,but on Tuesdays,they were 10 for a buck. And gas was nineteen cents a gallon. Same for a pack of smokes. Now,if I could eliminate all three of those things from my monthly expenses, I'd be in "high cotton".
This is what we had in Atlanta, that and the Fox theater were the only things are the only things I still like about that city.
That photo sure brought back some memories!
I remember wolfing down those 15-cent burgers while leaning on that stainless 'serving counter'.
The enclosure where you got served wasn't heated, and in the winter it was COLD ! :thumbdown:
Got thrown out of a high school algebra class because I was late too many times coming back from McD's.
Ah, life was good then! kfjdrfirii
Boy I'll say !! Been there, a L O N G time ago. :D $3.00 could take you a long way in those days. We also had MAID RITE -- Two of those and a large mug of A&W ROOT BEER out of one of those wooden barrels, REAL FROST on the mug, - Man! Talk about high cotton. :D Oh Yeah, the waitress's were on the HOT side too! :D

Reminds me of a drive-in I found when in Calif a couple years ago. I go off the freeway and turned around to go in. This old guy came out to wait on us, just like the old days. I gave him our order and said I was expecting a cute little gal to come out??? Our order was served by his WIFE- as old or older than he was-- she got a big smile & tip. :D My wife loved it. :)
That's pretty cool, MM !

I went to high school in Kokomo, Indiana.

I believe that Kokomo had the dubious distinction of having the 1st McDonalds to go out of business: A victim of the race riots in the late 60's.
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