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1979 was a very good year. Smith and Wesson introduced the Model 629. :mrgreen:
Here is a company that created the Triple Lock 72 years earlier, and kept pace with the 21st. century by making a great thing even greater.

Whenever I hold an N frame of any type, I can easily be reminded of the rich and powerful history behind these revolvers. But I digress.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss all Stainless versions of the N frame.
Technically it's called the G Frame. That is Smith and Wessons designation for them.
.This is found at the bottom of page 170 in the scSW 3.

I can count 6 models of G frames , in numerical order they are: 610 ,624 ,625 ,627 ,629 ,657 .

Chronologically, by year of introduction they are as follows :

I would like to create in this original post, some pertinent facts and data lists pertaining to
any Stainless Ns'.
So any info you have to share, either post it, or e-mail me and I will gladly make note of it here. Kind of an index for the thread ,if it takes off.

I would like your pictures, your stories, when you first held one. And when you first bought one. How much they were back when, and what they're going for today.
Hunting stories. Info on the earliest models. Serial numbers and shipping dates if you will, so that others might estimate when theirs was shipped.

Thank you for your time ,
Good luck and God bless ,Allen F.

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Starting with pictures of mine. I shoot them all, and enjoy them immensely.

5" 610, BFA62xx, mfd. about 3-1990 purchased last month, locally for under $700.

6.5" model 624 ,Ser. AHB48xx ,made Feb.1985 in the first production run.
I traded a nice model 19 to a guy for this who, had shot it, and didn't like it :roll: ,

Next is a prized 625-7. I just won on a gun broker auction from a guy in Wisconsin who lives like, 3 miles from the border. He bought it new 5 or so years ago and never fired it.
He said "It was just too pretty, I couldn't bring myself to shoot it."
That will be remedied quite soon, A gun like this is made to be shot.

6.5" 625-7 Ser CDF83xx 45 Colt Ctg. power port. mfd. March of 1999 ,m.i.m. parts but no lock.

Next up is a 627-0. The only stainless gun ever produced by Smith to have a checkered top strap.
A gun broker auction 2 years ago, the auction pictures were terrible. I did however see this:

It was wearing Hogue rubbers and looked dingy.
After I won the auction without an opposing bid, the seller sent it in the original box with the original grips. :D

A 629-4 in bead blast matte. 4" Ser. BRP65xx made in 1995 just prior to the change to the round butt frame only.
All the -4s and later versions are drilled and tapped under the rear sight leaf for a scope mount.
Found this at the local show. The dealer had just taken it in on trade and wasn't even going to put it on the table. Got very lucky at $450.

Another 629-4 ,this one a bit later after the change to the round butt frame only.
It did come in a clamshell box ,not the blue plastic.
A 6 1/2in. Classic with the interchangeable front sight.
Ser. BRS06xx made late 1995.
I wont tell you what I paid ,you'd cry.

Last on my list, but the first Stainless N frame I ever bought. Completely responsible for firing my N frame obsession.

629-5 P.C. Magnum Hunter. Ser. MHR00xx one of 250 made.
Firing this is like no other. Accurate ,,smooth, and Heavy.

Regards ,,,Allen F.

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By 1986 I had read everything I could get my hands on by Elmer Kieth, and Skeeter Skelton covering the .44spl. I was simply in love with the cartridge. In June of that year I walked into the Rod&Gun club in Grafenwoher Germany, and sitting in the case were three S&W 624's in all three barrel lengths. I pulled several tendons in my left arm retrieving my wallet, and put down funds to hold the 4" and 3" barrel 624's. In August of that year they were both mine. These two guns have been with me ever since, and will never leave till I do. My son already knows that these will be his after I'm gone, and will add to the tradition of firearms past down thorugh the years. When I pass he will aquire a large history of firearms starting with my Greatgrandfathers 1897 shotgun, my dad's 1958 Browning A-5, My maternal Grandfathers 1903 Colt, and my two 624's along with my first rifle a Remington 581LH, and my first handgun a Browning BDA380. These are the keepers to pass down to later generations. OH yeah, the price of both of those 624's was only 200.00 each due to the high exchange rate of the day.

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One of the Model 629s made to test the new tooling, N629193. Kept in the factory collection until being auctioned in 1996. It is identical to the production model except the trigger is .500-inch wide instead of .400 inch. Second photo is also a test Model 629, N629187, that is factory custom engraved and inlaid with gold by Wayne D'Angelo in 2001. This revolver, and all the other engraved guns were auctioned to members of the S&WCA in 2001 when the engraving department was closed by S&W after the company was purchased by Safe-T-Hammer. The engraving department was reestablished after a short time.



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Great post and questions. This gives me a chance to show off a few of mine.
I just got this VERY nice Md625-3 3 incher. ANIB, I added the Combats.
BEN-5855. I really wanted one so I paid $1000.

This is how it came to me.

Here is my Md625-6 JM 5 1/2" gun. SN-CJM-0079. I traded into this one at a VERY good deal.

Next up are 3 guns that I got from one dealer for $1600 total. First up is a Md-627-0 SN. BEK-6364

Here is a Md 610 no dash 5 incher.SN-BFA-3006

MD657 no dash is in here somewhere. SN ANE-4980 DEC 1986-!st year

Lastly are 2 Md 629 no dash P&P 4 inch guns. One is a polished shooter the other is NIB SN N-784660 the shooter. N-841380 the NIB


I also have a couple of Md629-3 3" Non-fluted and a md629-3-4 3" but no pics

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Here's my sole example, a 1980 629 no dash 6" that I picked up almost 2 yrs ago new and unfired in it's presentation box. Poor thing was surrounded by colts of all things, I had to rescue it :lol: It is no longer unfired! It's one of my most prized weapons.
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