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The truck thread got me thinking...Your vehicle?

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Mine is a 2006 Mustang GT. It isn't stock, and I admit to having a lead foot. ;)

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Sweeeeet. I'm a FOMOCO sort myself.....

Well Mostly....

At least all of my vehicles are "Green".... :D
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Nice vehicles there! I would get lost in the seats in big cars or trucks because I am short. I have always had GT Mustangs. If you are going to get a Mustang anything less than 8 cylinders is gelding.

The new ones are a big improvement over the previous models. Better handling, power, and the mileage is not too bad. I average about 22 mpg even though mine is close to 350 horsepower if what SCT(the tuner I have) and Steeda(the cold air intake) are correct.
Yeah folks don't beleive it when I tell them that the 4.6 in the Merc will get 27 MPG on the highway if I use the cruise and set it at 68 MPH. That and it will jump like a scalded dog when I kick it.....

The Vortec 350 in the Tahoe, well, not so much..... ;) But I've never gotten stuck with it and I've driven through snowdrifts that were over the hood.
I know what you mean about the 4.6 engine. Mine averages between 26 - 28 on the highway. At 70 mine is right about 2000 rpms.
Nice rides posted so far.
I been through all the car BS. Go Fast machines Sports cars Trucks. Now I'll settle for a comfortable ride. My wife drives a go fast machine a CTS-V.
For me I like GM cars. The DTS is my daily driver. I need to clean it up. This is a pic from the day I bought it. Now after going through winter. It's a filthy ride. In a few weeks I will go through the car and clean it up.
I drive the CTS-V several times per week. That's a fun car to drive.

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Needs some work :mrgreen:
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Nice ride, Wendy. I always wanted a Mustang GT, but my practical side demands a pick-up. I've got a nice Ranger XLT Supercab, but right now, I'm driving around with about a 1/4 ton of leaves, dead grass, dirt, and any other crud in the bed, waiting for the Highway Dept. Recycling Station to open on Monday. The gas mileage ain't so hot when I carry a load......but it can get 20mpg (when empty) around here. (mixed country driving ;) ) I like it!!!! Bob
That's a great looking Pony, Wendy. I have been a Mustang fan since I was a boy but have never owned one. Sometimes, when I am daydreaming, I imagine getting my hands on one of the new Shelby's.

My ride is a bare bones Toyota Tacoma. Basic work truck, no frills. I put on lots of miles and am happy with the 24+ miles/gallon I get. Plus, I know I can get 200K+ out of it. My wife drives a Forester (Subaru :mrgreen: ). No comments from the peanut gallery. :shock:
Geez, Wendy. You like guns, Mustangs, and you're gorgeous! That's a serious trifecta.

I fired up my 1991 Titatium Frost Mustang LX 5.0 yesterday. The insurance goes back on May 1st. When it's still in the 40's outside, the compactness of the oxygen molecules causes even more crazy horsepower than usual. It takes too long to list all of my LX's modifications but the big ones are the Vortech 8 pound supercharger, Cobra intake manifold, Tremec Trans, Centerforce clutch, Hurst shifter, Bassani Catalytic X-Pipe, Dynomax 2 1/2 exhaust, Steeda springs and Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks (for looks, it's a sleeper except for the Steeda rear wing and Cobra grille). I bought my 'Stang new and have kept it to just 49,000 miles. It's 18 1/2 years old now....

I found the red 1991 GT convertible advertised three years ago. The price was right and the mileage was low (37,000). It was a '91 just like my LX and I knew my wife would enjoy the automatic trans and top down motoring. It needed only minor tweaking (a bulb here and there, some door seals, a front plate bracket) before we brought it to a Mustang Club of America National Show and entered it in Concours Driven (meaning bone stock with no modifications). We won a points judged Gold trophy and that made us very happy. Now we just drive it around town when the sun is shining.

Last year my local Ford Dealer had a Mustang show and two of my co-workers with Mustangs attended with me. After the show, we took a group photo. John on the left had just bought his black 2008 GT and it had less than 500 miles on the odometer. Ben on the right bought his 2005 Legend Lime GT with just 20,000 miles just a few months before the show. I'm in the middle but I wish my wife could have been there with our red GT convertible too. And Frank from work blew the trans in his 1996 Cobra because he was thrashing it too hard one day. Until he gets it fixed, we can't get a picture of all four of us....

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I got this one in trade from Carl...he said it was 'collectible' :lol:
Mileage is great because it doesn't run !
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I gave you a great deal on that car.. I didn't even charge extra for the whitewalls! :lol:
My show ride. Never sees the mud. 1984 CJ7 fully restored. Shown here at a car show.

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i"m one of the ones that believe that a vehicle should reflect your personalty...thats why i drive a so called ( big honking thing) also known as a dodge diesel.... it's big , loud, and stinky.. just like me..
however it does have all the bullydog upgrades,,,
Firehouse, that's a sweet lookin' Yeep!
TNDIXIEGIRL, Getting away from trucks.....that HONDA is a mighty sleek and sophisticated ride. ;) Probably the classiest one under $30K. But, you have to understand......we're just a bunch of guys.
Pick-up trucks, diesels, GVW, towin' rigs.....ouhh ouuhh oouuuhhh :roll: Bob
Mustangs - come out to plaaayyy!

We like Mustangs (heh, heh, heh)! ;) invpn

My summer driver & roadtrip car - 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition.


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